Our Goals and Overview

GBL strives to allow these players an opportunity to develop numerous skills during our camp experience.  The central focus is clearly basketball development, but we encourage assertiveness through public speaking and leadership opportunties, flexibility by always facing a different game situation, and a sense of community on and off the court. 

Initially, the players are placed into arbitrary groups.  The groups simply determine the schedule for attendance.  These ARE NOT teams, but simply who should attend a scheduled session.  Once they arrive, all girls are together, and groups are no longer relevant.  The 2 hour sessions are comprised of three distinct sections.  Each girl is an equal participant throughout the session and teams are not set beyond the game played that day. If a parent is interested in assisting and/or coaching for the day, this is when they join the daily events. 

The Divisions

We have two divisons, which are initially Grade focused, but are adjusted based on skill as well. The Grade classification is based on the upcoming school year. They are:

1.  Prep League - This division is comprised of 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade players, with girls of equitable skill level being added on both ends.  They play a standard game on a full court with 9-foot high goals, and a 28.5 ball.  The skill sessions are rooted in fundamental skill development and proper techniques. During the Summer session, these are always held at Calvary Baptist Church.

2.  Junior Varsity (JV) League - This division is comprised of 6th - 8th grade players, with girls of equitable skill level being added on both ends.  They play a standard game on a full court with 10-foot high goals, and a 28.5 ball.  The skill sessions range from fundamental to intermediate with attention paid to each player's ability.  The skills are modified to encourage each player to reach beyond their comfort zone to try new things.   Sessions occur at both Crestwood Christian Church and Calvary Baptist Church.


Part 1 - Skills and Drills

The first part of the session is the skills portion.  During this all girls are together and we focus on 1-2 skills each session.  Some drills are familiar, and some are modified for our format.  The focus is basic basketball skills and general knowledge.  Since we have a wide variety of skills sets, we modify the drills for various players to present them with the appropriate challenge for their development.  During this time, we may break into smaller groups based on position or skill level to allow targeted focus with players.  Sometimes we may be able to get to the second skill, and sometimes we choose to focus on the primary.

Part 2 - The Game

About 10 minutes before the scheduled tip-off, the girls are divided into two teams.  We accomplish this a variety of ways.  We divide the girls in attendance into two teams.  Since the teams are always different, we are encouraging the girls to make decisions quickly and to take a leadership position, albeit for a short time.  With very little time to strategize, we ask the coaches to follow our basic JV Girls rules regarding:

  • Playing time - everyone plays a full quarter in the first half.  Typically no subs, however this may be modified prior to the tip-off.
  • Try to stress a particular skill.  Maybe screens, cuts, or shots from a particular area.
  • Don't run up the score.  If one team is clearly dominant for the day, then we challenge them to achieve specific targets before shooting again. Have the center play point, have the point play center, etc.

The game is a normal game session with officials, a clock, and scorekeepers. The score is not documented anywhere at the completion.

Part 3 - Post game wrap

Tying the entire day together is a 10-15 minute wrap-up session in the hallways after the game.  This is where the community coalesces.  We praise successes, we discuss challenges, and we encourage each other.  We may give a girl a specific area of focus going forward.  But, most of all, we want them to feel confident in the experience of the day regardless of athletic results.  Every player is also challenged to add to the group discussion.


 Not all girls will stay with basketball, and some aren't even destined for sports at all.  Within our camp environment, we want to allow those who want to improve talent-wise to receive a competitive environment.  We want those who are playing with friends to have fun with the group.  We want all of them to continue to support each other and maybe make a new friend or two along the way.  This makes our basketball community, as well as our neighborhood community, a stronger unit. While it might sound grandiose, we have seen it work and are happy that your athlete is joining us in the endeavor.  All that said, it can be summarized in one simple fact:  WE WILL HAVE FUN PLAYING BASKETBALL THIS SUMMER!